Quilters Dream Poly Request Batting Crib 46x60in

Quilters Dream Poly Request Batting Crib 46x60in

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A lightweight and consistent batting developed especially for hand quilters –this batting is ideal for fine micro-stitching with an exceptional drape but can be used on the longarm when floating the top. Exceptional for light-weight quilts, summer quilts, and wearables. 100% fine denier fibers.

From the manufacturer...

Dream Poly’s exclusive blend of revolutionary microfibers imparts a very soft hand, exceptional drape, breathability and comfort which surpasses all other polyester quilt battings. You will feel the difference! Dream Poly fibers are blended, carded, crosslapped and needle punched with unique processing that eliminates the need for resin, glue or scrim stabilizers; allowing your needle to glide smoothly through our fine batting.

Dream Poly resists bunching and shifting and is strong enough to stitch up to 12″ apart.

Dream Poly resists holding a crease or wrinkling which makes Dream Poly a perfect choice for packing, storing and traveling.

No shrinkage.

Made in the USA.

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