About Us

Hearthside Quilts has been creating high-quality, pre-cut quilt kits for over 40 years. Whether you’re a first-time quilter looking for a new creative outlet or a seasoned quilter with well worn thimbles, you’ll find a wide selection of precision die cut quilt kits to choose from.

Hearthside Quilts was founded as a mail order catalog company in Vermont in 1981. In the late 1980’s, we were able to expand our pattern library by purchasing the tools and layout instructions for the famous BOAG line of quilt kits which date back to the 1920’s.

We took our catalog online in 1997, making our quilt kits available to a much larger audience. The company moved to Virginia in 2011 and is currently located in Salem. Hearthside Quilts continues to be one of the largest sources of pre-cut quilt kits in the country.

With a dedication to creativity and selection, outstanding customer service, and efficiency, Hearthside Quilts is committed to being the go to source for pre-cut quilts and quilting supplies. While the fabrics and patterns have changed through the years, our attention to detail, craft, and function have remained unchanged.

Hearthside Quilts is proud to help a new generation discover the immense satisfaction of creating something by hand that will bring joy to the heart and home.